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Sierra Waste Transfer partners with Kern Valley Transfer Station

Located 2 1/2 miles south of Kernville on Sierra Way, one mile east of Lake Isabella.

The facility is open Sunday - Tuesday and Thursday - Saturday from 8 am - 4 pm Closed Wednesday

Kern Valley Transfer Station Operations

Due to environmental concerns, the Kern Valley Sanitary Landfill was scheduled to be closed and replaced with a transfer station in 1997. Through a RFP process, the Thomas proposal for the design and operation of the future Kern Valley Transfer Station was accepted by Kern County Waste Management and the contract was awarded in 1995. Sierra Waste Transfer, Inc. was formed and has operated the Kern Valley Transfer Station since it opened in June of 1997.
Handling Waste
It’s a dirty job and we’re proud to do it! Approximately one hundred residents within our community use the Kern Valley Transfer Station daily. It is our responsibility to ensure that they are properly disposing their waste and to encourage them to recycle. Additionally, our onsite personnel sort and divert any recyclables that have been dumped in the trash while they load the transfer trailers for disposal at the landfill in Ridgecrest.
The Daily Haul
We operate seven days a week and haul an average of 300 tons of solid waste per week to the Ridgecrest Sanitary Landfill for disposal. Recyclable materials are shipped separately to their respective markets and sold.

In November of 2009, Sierra Waste Transfer initiated and self funded a recycling program for the community to participate in when they visit the transfer station.  Multiple bins and roll offs are solely dedicated to accept source separated recyclables.  By balancing education with encouragement,our onsite staff has proven effective in furthering many of our customers’ willingness to recycle by first source separating their own household trash. 

Before you visit the site, please prepare your trash and separate your recyclables to make your experience quick and easy.  The State of California is asking all of us to divert as much trash from the landfills as possible, therefore, please do your part by source separating at your home or business.  Each time you visit the site you will be asked if you have any recyclables.

You can view our recycling guide for more information on what is accepted and how to prepare.

Certain items may require a disposal fee.  Click on Kern County's website to learn more.

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